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This is a public database of people seeking operations or personal/executive assistant work (part- or full-time) within the next 6 months in the Effective Altruism movement. We are piloting this project and may consider expanding to other projects. Please leave us feedback!

Please note that per feedback, emails are now masked. You can still select and copy (e.g. CTRL+C) one or more email addresses as you normally would. Clicking the word “email” will not work.

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Wondering if operations work is a good fit for you? Check out these posts on operations or PA work. We’ve also written guides to being a PA/ExA, and doing Ops in EA. Also check out the 80,000 Hours job board and the Animal Advocacy Careers Job Board for relevant public vacancies.

If you need help or want to update your profile, feel free to contact us.

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We’ve recently expanded our focus from just PA/ExAs to all operations talent - and we’re keen to hear how it’s going! If you’ve hired someone or been hired, or have thoughts on how to improve this site, please leave us some feedback!

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