Pineapple Career Support Pilot (Oct- Jan)

Please do not share this page widely or post it to public channels. This is not an open application round. We are limiting this cohort to invitation-based applications as we are piloting the program with a smaller group.

Pineapple Operations is now seeking nominations for mentees for a pilot longtermist career mentorship program. Nomination form here!


We are launching a pilot 4-month career support & mentorship program from mid-Aug to Nov for people pursuing careers working on longtermist issues. We are excited to partner with excellent mentors from various backgrounds and fields for this pilot.

We’re actively developing a curriculum based on conversations with dozens of early career longtermists, coaches, and subject matter experts.

  • A peer cohort to meet with twice a month to get support & inputs
  • Tailored exercises to help work through career plans & bottlenecks
  • A dedicated facilitator who will be your main point of contact and resource to help with personal unblocking and accountability
  • Monthly meetings with a senior subject matter expert

Focus Tracks

We’ll be launching the program with two tracks and are especially interested in nominations for candidates transitioning into or currently working on:

  1. Biosecurity
  2. Longtermist Field Building in LMICs
  3. AI governance and policy [a potential third track that we are getting recommendations for]

We plan to expand to other tracks if the pilot goes well.

Logistics & Expectations

  • Commitment: 3-5 hours a week (incl. weekly sessions with either peers, facilitators, or mentors and ‘homework’)
  • Timing: Oct 2023 - Jan 2024.
  • About Mentorship: Pairings will be based on the needs, interests, and availability of the mentee and mentor, their goals, career paths, and what skills they are looking to develop. We expect participants to take ownership of their mentorship - to be communicative with their mentor, show up on time to meetings, and invest time to prep and follow-up.

Nominate people here!

Pilot Career Support Program - Seeking Mentors
Biosecurity Career Support Pilot