Biosecurity Career Support Pilot

Pineapple Ops is piloting a career support & mentorship program for people pursuing careers in biosecurity.

How the program works

  1. Peer mentors (Vaidehi Agarwalla & Elika Somani) will work with you to clarify your career bottlenecks
  2. We'll create a plan to address your bottlenecks (e.g. figuring out concrete goals, accountability mechanisms that work for you, external support you might need)
  3. If relevant or helpful, we can introduce you to biosecurity experts who can give you more detailed strategic guidance. We can also help you network and find relevant connections outside of EA.

Logistics & Expectations

  • Commitment: 1.5-3+ hours a week working on your top career bottlenecks
  • Timing: Rolling basis, for 2-4 months (configured per person)
  • About Expert Mentorship: Pairings will be based on the needs, interests, and availability of the mentee and mentor, their goals, career paths, and what skills they are looking to develop. We expect participants to take ownership of their mentorship - to be communicative with their mentor, show up on time to meetings, and invest time to prep and follow-up.

Join the program

We are currently expanding our pilot cohort to include more people. Book a call if you’d like to know more about the program!